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  • Without surgeries
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Prostatitis symptoms, check yourself:

French urologists told about the terrible statistics: more than 55% of men over 40 are faced with prostate problems in one or another way. It is not difficult to understand if the person is sick with prostatitis, the symptoms are simple and specific.

ProstEro starts treating the symptoms immediately.

Frequent acute pain

  • in the lower abdomen or testicles
  • pain in the penis or groin


Problems with urination

  • Frequent urges for urination, acute pain in urethra during urination
  • Feeling that urination "was not completed"
  • Problems with urination (very weak jet)


Problems with sexual intercourses

  • Very weak libido
  • Erection is weak and doesn’t stay for a long time


Problems with ejaculation

  • Early ejaculation
  • Weak ejaculation


Constant physical and moral fatigue

Despite the worsening of ecology lately, many men live with prostatitis and don’t know what consequences it can lead to and how it can affect their future life.

VIDEO: Chronic Prostatitis (Prostate Inflammation) | Causes, Treatment & Symptoms

How this product work?

STEP 1: pain, sharp pain, burning in the groin and lower back go away

STEP 2: urination stabilizes and becomes less frequent, inflammation goes away

STEP 3: erection restores, body strengthens, prostatitis doesn’t come back

  • Get rid of the pain in your crotch, rectum and testicles
  • Normalize urination process in 1 course
  • Get rid of prostate inflammation
  • Strengthen your male sexual health


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Expert’s review

Chronic prostatitis develops slowly and in many cases doesn’t have any symptoms, but despite this, its consequences can be dangerous. To avoid complications, I recommend the product. I was made sure by my own medical practice, that only this complex gives a significant improvement. It perfectly relieves pain symptoms and brings the prostate in order day by day. ProstEro does not cause allergies, unlike many other drugs and ointments. It works perfectly, is absolutely safe, works in a complex, revitalizing prostate and strengthening male health.

James Smith

Associate Professor, Ph. D., urologist, andrologist
Work experience 24 years

These pills made the work of the “free doctors” easier. I see my patients 2 times. The first time is when they come to get diagnosed, and the second time is when a month later they come to say "Thank you, Im healthy!". But paid clinics are not lucky, with this method it will be 10 times more difficult to cash in on ordinary people.

William Jones

Candidate of Medical Sciences, professor, andrologist, sexologist.
Graduated from Oxford University Medical School.
Work experience 23 years

The composition of the product speaks for itself. This is an absolutely safe remedy for older men. Due to the unique formula and concentration of active ingredients, vitamins, inflammation is removed, erection is restored, prostatitis is gone. Male body works like a Swiss watch.

Charlie Miller

Leading andrologist, doctor of the highest category.
Graduated from University of Nottingham Medical School
Work experience 19 years

Effectiveness is proven by clinical trials

Clinical testing was conducted in the Northampton hospital in 2013. Two groups of volunteers took part in the clinical trial that lasted for 25 days.

  1. ProstEro proved to be effective in 98% of cases. The percentage was measured using the standard method (the number of men recovered compared to the total number of patients in the group of 100 men treated).
  2. In 96% of the cases, there was a complete absence of symptoms after the suspension of therapy (the percentage obtained on the basis of observation carried out within six months).
  3. After a week of using the remedy, all patients noticed a significant increase in libido and virile strength.
  4. In 95% of cases there was an increase in the duration of sexual intercourse.
  5. No side effects or allergic reactions were observed.
  6. This is proved to be a revolutionary product and should be considered one of the main tools to fight prostatitis.


Reviews from men, who conquered prostatitis

Came to the doctor’s reception with a disgust. I thought I would have to have prostate massage. The doctor said I don't have to worry if I start treatment right away. Prescribed ProstEro. 3 months later I feel great!

J.A, Manchester

I was in so much pain that I couldn’t think about sex with my young wife. I suffered because of that. She gave me the pills. One month later I am a different person. Completely healthy. No pain, go to the toilet as a normal person. Sex became better.

William, Birmingham

Dull pain in the groin and scrotum. Enlargement, inflammation. Diagnosis - prostatitis. Was preparing for surgery. But while I was on business trip in London, I went to the hospital. I got examined and prescribed the product and a month later everything is gone. Nothing hurts or pricks.

****, London

Reviews from people who appreciate the effect of the pills

My husband was diagnosed with chronical prostatitis, he is only 27, he doesn’t know why it happened, his potency is normal, he has no complaints. They said if he starts treatment now, everything will be alright, but it is chronical and we were terrified, we didn’t know what to do… We were afraid that treatment would lead to infertility, and we want to become parents. The doctor said there is no need to worry if we start the treatment right away, and prescribed these pills. Now, 3 months later, my husband feels great!

Jane, Manchester

This male problem appeared in my life very unexpectedly, when I was 32. I was ready to get married and have kids, and then this. I was in so much pain that I couldn’t even think about sex, not to mention trying to make kids. Good thing I learned about the pills in time, positive changes started a couple weeks later. Now I continue taking course. There is no pain, I go to the toilet less. Sexual desire has increased. Everything is alright!

Michael, London

I decided to start treatment under doctor’s supervision. No folk remedies, no self-treatment. I was constantly in discomfort, and dull pain in the groin and scrotum haunted me. I was even ready for the surgery. I didn’t have to go through it though, which is great. I passed all the necessary tests. The doctor prescribed the product. I’ve taken it for about 2 months. Now I consider myself a healthy person. Prostatitis is gone. It is proven by tests and my general state. I have sex and calm nights without pain and discomfort again.

Adam, Nottingham

Way of Application

Pills: Take 1 pill orally 3 times a day 30 minutes before food intake. Course – 30 days.



  1. Quick effect: Reduction of painful symptoms from the very beginning of treatment. Pain symptoms are gone in the first week.
  2. Effective action without negative side-effects: The living plant cells mildly affect prostate tissues, inhibiting their detrimental growth. High technologies allow to obtain crystal clear concentrate of medicinal plants, without impurities.
  3. The product is hypoallergenic: unlike the majority of antibiotics and other prostatitis remedies.
  4. Complex treatment: The remedy strengthens male health by different methods. Intensive, concentrated work and enveloping effect. As a result, you get rid of prostatitis, increase your abilities, strengthen libido. Radical effect on prostate tissue, restorative effect. More strength, energy, enhanced libido, excellent potency.



  1. Well, you won’t be able to get any demonstration of the product that have been provided in the videos.
  2. The product label ensures that everything mentioned in it is safe for usage. But what I felt is that a demo video presentation would have been helpful.


Well, as you can see the disadvantages of this product is quite negligible in comparison to its benefits. Now that you are fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages of this product I am quite sure that you are eager to buy ProstEro.

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